Fiber Focus Laser

Fiber Focus Laser
Fiber Focus Laser

The Fab-Line / FMS Machine Tool “FIBER FOCUS” lasers profiling system produces two-dimensional contoured shapes from flat material by moving a focused beam of infra-red light along a programmed path. The system is a fiber cable delivery design moving the laser beam from a fixed laser resonator to a focusing lens, which moves over a stationary work-piece. Material is removed where the lens concentrates the laser power into a small spot on the material to be cut. Different gases are also emitted with the focused beam from the cutting nozzle; these are used to control the cutting process.

The nLIGHT ALTA (made in America) resonator is complete with Back Reflection Isolation and has a standard three (3) year factory warranty. The system comes with dual 5-foot by 10-foot or a dual 6-foot by 12-foot table. Systems can be 2 KW, 4 KW or 6 KW. The system is complete with a two year bumper to bumper warranty. Our techs are trained to install and service the complete system. No need to call the resonator manufacturer if service is needed.

For Midwest Sales including Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West VA
Contact Dave Saiko 440.886.3232
For Southest Sales including Georgia, Florida & Alabama
Contact Rick Wester 678.972.9953